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the Vibrology App

The Pothole Project is designed to address our collective pothole problems through a passive monitoring system that rates road surfaces and continuously reports them publicly.

JamworksPro has developed the Vibrology App for this purpose. The Vibrology App monitors kinetic energy on the x, y and z axis of the device. It takes 1024 snapshots as fast as the device can take them (1 to 10 seconds). The time domain based data snapshots are graphed on one graph while the frequency domain based kinetic histograms (1hz through 255hz) are plotted on another.

The Vibrology App exclusively for Android. A Fast Fourier Transform Analyis for Low Frequency Signals

Install the Vibrology App on your Android Device.

The App is pretty cool in its own right as it provides the ability to detect resonant frequencies from fans, engines, motors, etc...

There's more though. When properly positioned in your vehicle, Vibrology is designed to detect potholes and rough patches encountered while driving.

The Vibrology App presents an updated snapshot every 4 seconds. Each snapshot is recorded in the Vibrology Database. Potholes are snapshots that are automatically interpreted and flagged as such. The App also provides four input buttons for User Defined snapshot events.

Data collected and stored in the Vibrology database can be easily accessed in the Vibrology Data Mine.


The second graph is the most useful as it reports the low frequency kinetic forces applied to each of the three axis'.

The Pothole Project was inspired from the road conditions I encountered in Denver Colorado. The roads there are the poorest I've encountered. And as if the organically formed potholes are not bad enough all the local municipalities create artificial ones with all the recessed manhole covers. Typically inconveniently lined up off center in a tire track.

I must admit I bristle everytime I crash through a pothole and feel the violent shock waves killing my tires and suspension. How much can my car take? Who's responsible for all the damage? Aren't all our taxes for public infrastructure supposed to keep this problem in check?

At the end of the day the new tires, springs, shocks and struts is on you, the automobile owner. If the people who misappropriate our infrastructure tax dollars aren't able to keep this problem in check then the responsibilty falls into the public domain. If the tax dollars for our infrastructure were properly spent, potholes would be very rare and not ubiquitous.

Most municipalities have some form of pothole reporting system. But who's behind those reporting systems? Whoever they may be they fail the taxpayers as a matter of routine. A big reason they fail is that the reporting systems are depenendent upon angrily reported and unreliable complaints from motorists.

Interactive Global Pothole Marker

The yellow pins mark where an instance of the Vibrology App has detected a Pothole.

When the device is properly positioned in the vehicle and visible it will automatically record the GPS coordinates where it detects certain patterns of vibrations and shocks recognized as a Pothole.